I have been doing embroidery since 2001. For a Christmas present the first year our son was born, my wonderful husband bought me a sewing machine with an embroidery attachment. As a newly stay-at-home mom, it gave me lots to do while my son took naps - I made fleece sleepers, onesies, shorts, blankets, and embroidered little trains and teddy bears on everything. I became hooked on embroidery. At my husbands suggestion (to improve my embroidery skills, he said) I started doing basic monogramming for friends and family. One day my husband came home with some shirts from a business friend of his and asked that I embroider his logo on them (for a small fee, of course)... the true motive for the sewing/embroidery machine started to come to light at this point!

In 2006, I started Ador'Me, an online children's boutique providing custom monogrammed children's clothing (if you've heard of  Ador'Me Lingerie, check out their history, you'll find I started the boutique before they started the intimate apparel store!). In 2007, I migrated from the children's boutique to corporate embroidery and changed the name from Ador'Me to J. Allison Designs.

Since then, we've added laser engraving, screen printing, and heat transfers. We've come a long way from a Pfaff embroidery machine attachment to a full blown production company.  We can't wait to see what the future in decorative apparel holds for us.

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